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2019 Master Schedule

The VMarlins/Native American National USA Tour

Date      Day       Itinerary                      Event                Location           Teams                 Hotel______________


April 7    Sun         Lumberton, NC                     Tryout                    Purnell Swett HS  NAW/VMS            Hampton Inn Fayetteville, NC

April 14  Sun         Gretna, VA                            Tryout                    Gretna HS              NAW/VMS            Camber Inn Gretna, VA

April 20  Sat          Festival in NOVA

April 21 Sun          Easter

April 27  Sat          Danville, VA                           Tryout                    GWHS                    NAW/VMS           Holiday Inn Express Danville, VA

April 28  Sun         Danville, VA                          Tryout                    GWHS                     NAW/VMS           Holiday Inn Express Danville, VA          

May 4     Sat          Green County, VA                Tryout                    Green Co HS         NAW/VMS           Fairfield Inn &Suites Charlottesville

May 5     Sun         Martinsville, VA                   Tryout                    PHCC                      NAW/VMS           Hampton Inn Martinsville, VA

May 11 Sat            

May 12 Sun           Clayton, KY                            Tryout                    KY Christian U       NAW/VMS           Super 8 by Wyndam Clayton, KY

May 18 Sat            Cherokee, NC/Lumbe NC   Tryout/Games     

May 19 Sun           Cherokee, NC/Lumbe, NC  Tryout/Game       

May 25 Sat           Newport News, VA               Tryout/Games      Strafford U            NAW/VMS            Comfort Inn-Newport News, VA

May 26 Sun           Newport News, VA              Tryout/Games      Strafford U            NAW/VMS            Comfort Inn-Newport News, VA

Jun 1     Sat           Charlotte, NC                        Tryout/Games                

Jun 2     Sun           Atlanta, GA                           Tryout/Games      Austell, GA

Jun 5     Wed       

Jun 7     Fri             South Hill, VA                        Tryout/Games     Park View HS

Jun 8     Sat            South Hill, VA                        Tryout/Games     Park View HS        NAW/VMS            Days Inn South Hill, VA

Jun 9     Sun           South Hill, VA                       Tryout/Games      Park View HS        NAW/VMS            Days Inn South Hill, VA

Jun 12   Wed

Jun 15   Sat            Deltaville, VA                        Exhibition Game  Deltaville Deltas                                  Hampton Inn Gloucester, VA

Jun 16   Sun           Williamsburg, VA                 Tryout/Games      Walsenham Aca                                  Hampton Inn Gloucester, VA

Jun 19   Wed

Jun 21  Fri             Beckley, WV                          Tryout/Games      WVMiners           NAW/VMS              Quality Inn, Beckley, WV

Jun 22   Sat            Beckley, WV                          Tryout/Games      WVMiners           NAW/VMS              Quality Inn, Beckley, WV

Jun 23   Sun           Beckley, WV                          Tryout/Games                                                                     Quality Inn, Beckley, WV

Jun 26     Wed

Jun 28     Fri

Jun 29     Sat          Deltaville, VA                        Exhibition Game                                                                 Hampton Inn Gloucester, VA

Jun 30     Sun

July 1      Mon        Arrive BWI Airport                                                                                                               Will Fulton House

July 2      Tue         Fairfax HS/GWU                   Tour Washington, DC                                                           Will Fulton House

July 3      Wed        Fairfax HS/GMU                   Nationals vs Miami Marlins                                               Will Fulton House

July 4      Thu         White House Lawn              Nationals vs Miami Marlins                                                Will Fulton House

July 5      Fr            Petersburg Complex/JRHS Bob Bralley Classic                               Beck AL                  Holiday Inn/Glen Allen, VA

July 6      Sat          Petersburg Complex/JRHS Bob Bralley Classis                                                                Holiday Inn/Glen Allen, VA

July 7      Sun         Virginia State University     Richmond Squirrels vs Reading                                           Holiday Inn/Glen Allen, VA

July 8      Mon        Park View HS                        Tidewater All-Stars                                                                Days Inn South Hill, VA

July 9      Tu                                                                                                                                                            Days Inn South Hill, VA

July 10    Wed        Gretna HS                             Central Virginia All-Stars                                                      Camber Inn, Gretna, VA

July 11    Thu         William Mary College          Strafford University                                                             Comfort Inn/Newport News, VA 

July 12    Fri            Norfolk State University     Strafford University                                                               Comfort Inn/Newport News, VA

July 13    Sat          (Deltaville)                             Eastern Shore                                                                         Hampton Inn Gloucester, VA

July 14    Sun         Naval Academy                    Eastern Shore                                                                      TBA

July 15    Mon        Camden Yards                      Baltimore                                                                              Will Fulton House

July 16    Tu            Tour Baltimore                     Orioles vs Nationals                                                                Will Fulton House

July 17    Wed        Depart for Europe from BWI

July 18

July 19


The VMarlins/Native American National European Tour

Date      Day       Itinerary                           Event                  Location           Teams                 Hotel_______________


July 20  Sat            Leave USA for Europe

July 21  Sun           Amsterdam

July 22                    Amsterdam

July 23                    Appledorn

July 24                    Appledorn

July 25                    Paris

July 26                    Paris

July 27 Sat             Mainz, Germany  Summer Lights/Mainz

July 28 Sun            Mainz, Germany                  Summer Lights/Mainz

July 29 Mon          Schwerin Camp

July 30 Tue            Schwerin Camp

July 31 Wed          Schwerin Camp

Aug 1   Thu            Schwerin Camp

Aug 2   Fri              Schwerin Camp

Aug 3   Sat

Aug 4   Sun

Aug 5   Mon          Elmshorn Camp

Aug 6   Tue            Elmshorn Camp

Aug 7   Wed          Elmshorn Camp

Aug 8   Thu            Elmshorn Camp

Aug 9   Fri

Aug 10 Sat

Aug 11 Sun

Aug 12 Mon

Aug 13 Tue

Aug 14 Wed

Aug 15 Thu

Aug 16 Fri             

Aug 17 Sat

Aug 18 Sun

Aug 19

Aug 20

Aug 21

Aug 22

Aug 23

Aug 24 Sat

Aug 25 Sun

Aug 26

Aug 27

Aug 28

Aug 29

Aug 30

Aug 31 Sat

Sep 1   Sun

Sep 2

Sep 3

Sep 4

 Sep 5

Sep 6                      European Championships Bonn/Solingen

Sep 7  Sat               European Championships Bonn/Solingen

 Sep 8 Sun              European Championships Bonn/Solingen

Sep 9                      European Championships Bonn/Solingen

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