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VMarlins Global Baseball Camps and Showcases

The VMarlins Baseball Camp is designed to share the secrets of the games with each camper and parent who attends.  Our staff has unlocked the secrets of the game from the highest level of professional play and we know how to share these secrets with all ages and skill levels.  We provide efficient and effective lessons, seminars, and demonstrations that provide instantaneous feedback and acquisition by the players who attend.

Secondly, the Showcase segment of each camp allow for players to demonstrate their talents and skills for future opportunities to play at higher levels of competition and for future collegiate, international, or professional programs.

Each Players is required to follow a standard approach to the event, parents are invited to review the evaluations of their players, and coaches are encouraged to attend and review the skill demonstrations of each player.

Skills and drills are the main focus of each morning segment.  Games and advanced skill enhancement are provided in the afternoon segment.

The events are affordable for player participation and special invitations are offered to players who demonstrate the characteristics and skill level of playing at more advanced levels.  The VMarlins select members from each camp to
participate in the developmental program and offer invitations to players for future spring, summer, and fall season

2013 Schedule

January 11-13 3rd International VMarlins Showcase -Berlin, Germany Information Registration

January 14 Special Invite Collegiate/Pro Tryout-Paderborn, Germany

January 18-20 4th International VMarlins Showcase- Marl, Germany Information Registration

January 26-27 5th International VMarlins Showcase-Huenstetten, Germany Information Registration

February 1-4 The Great Britain Baseball Tour -York, Harrogate, England Information Registration

February 9-11 The Belgium Baseball Tour - Le Lourain de Lourve, Belgium Information Registration

March 4-7 2nd Latin American Showcase-Puerto Plata, Dom. Republic Information Registration
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