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Father/Son Elite Clinics

42 Years of Developmental Experience IS Waiting to Released 
The Secrets of Hitting/Throwing/Fielding/Running/and 
Enjoying the Game of Baseball to the New Generations of Ballers

(Effective/Affordable Simple Lessons/Protocols  that are Universal, time-tested, and Quickly Effective)

Coach Frank H. Fulton, Jr. has been in the "hands on learning curve" since 1976 when he was asked to take over a little team after their coach cussed out and quit a young band of boys in little league.  Dejected children, shocked parents, bewildered youth leaders did not know that this request would ultimately launch a life long international career of teaching players all over the world how to enjoy the art of catch, hit, and throw. 

Frank was a college freshman coming home to see his girlfriend when he was called on to help out.  Knowing nothing about coaching, Frank resorted to his only instincts of being enthusiastic and giving his all to these guys.  Amidst the controversy, the "nay-sayers", and the negatives of life, the little team found a way to pick themselves up, and get back at it.  They learned to enjoy playing again, they found hope again, and they where the first to show Coach Fulton the beauty of positive athletics. The young warriors not only returned to the game to finish the season but they ended up winning the whole daggum thing.  

A band of misfits became a band of champions and it was the fire of smiles and appreciation that made the day for the college freshman back in 1976  Years and year later of coaching in college, internationally, professionally, and developing the tricks of the trade, Coach Fulton learned to combine his natural enthusiasm with the most effective methods of skill development that breaks down the barriers of negativity and poor education to release the inner power of both the players and the coaches.

Frank Fulton, has worked with student/athletes from all over the world, from all ages from the USA to Europe/beyond, and has found what works and what is a waist of energy.  He has applied these protocols of development to all levels of athletic competitiveness and is anxiously waiting to share with a new group of young warriors who want to enjoy playing the game.

If you want to bring Coach Fulton to your program he is ready, willing, and more than able to handle the mission.  

Be it  7/8/9s ,  10/11/12s,  13/14/15s,  and all the rest..... he can bring both players and parents the secrets of the game that will revolutionize their game both on and off the field.

Just call and see.  434 489 4544.  You will be amazed.

Topics of Secrets
Pro Catching:      The Diamond                                   Video(Diamond)
Pro Throwing:      Ankle Power Pull                             Video(Ankle-Power-Pull)
Pro Hitting:           Ear, Toe, Pivot, Roll                        Video(Ear-Toe-Pivot-Roll)
Pro Fielding:        Catch, Click, Throw                         Video(Catch-Click-Throw)
Pro Agility:           Quick Feet, Quick Hands, Flip         Video(Q-Feet-Q-Hands-Flips)

The E2 Drills:      Signals, Set, Glide                           Video(Signals-Set-Glide)
                            Bibby's Box                                      Video(Bibby's-Box)
                            Fungo Sequence                             Video(Fungo-Sequence)
                            Front Toss                                       Video(Front-Toss)
                            Two Ball                                           Video(Two-Ball)
                            Ozzie Smith Sequence                    Video(Ozzie-Smith-Sequence)
                            Range Finder                                   Video(Range-Finder)
                            Turning Two, Playing First               Video(Turning-Two-Playing-First)
                            Shoestring                                        Video(Shoestring)
                            One, Two, Present                           Video(One-Two-Present)
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