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4x60 "Bolt-Like" Sprints

4x60 "Bolt-Like" Sprints

Introduction: Running is an art-form not a punishment.  It is the one perfect exercise and it is a natural power builder
and body conditioner. An athlete will maximize his performance if he learns how to embrace the art of
the sprint.

Objective: Run 4 60 yard sprints with 85% of daily muscular output

Thought Process: Lead with knees
Count the number of step on each sprint. Work to reduce the number of steps it takes to cover a 60-yard

Physical Process: Take each stride by leading with knees
Always push off and land on balls of feet
Keep body relaxed by keeping mouth open

Check Points: Speed is function of stride length
Focus on target that is ahead of finish line
Pump arms with thumbs ups
Finish and decelerate naturally over long distance
ALWAYS WALK BACK after each sprint to allow ATP levels to replenish between each sprint
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