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A Few Truths

What Happens when a High School Player Competes in Collegiate Summer Wood Bat League?  He Becomes a Warrior who goes on to compete and take jobs away from those who are weak in mind and spirit!!!!!  That simple.
Showcase travel ball does not give this to a player.  Showcase is limited to certain criteria that does not allow a player to play up against experienced warriors who have time under their belt, stories to tell, and wisdom to share.  Put a high school catcher with an experienced college pitcher and they learn how to battle.  Let a high school hitter face collegiate pitching and he learns how to be a zone hitter.

Keep a player with his own age and skill level..... great memories and successful summer fun are the great bi-products for sure.  What is lacking is growth and maturity, experience and competitive development.  

Lets be honest. When the All-Star High School player goes into collegiate competition all the letter-man accolades do not mean jack.  He better be able to fight and battle for position, for respect, for results, or he will not play.

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