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Global Sponsor Form

            The WBL Sponsorship Program

The WBL/VMarlins Sponsorship Form

“Develop Great Citizens through Athletic Participation” 

We thank you in advance for your support and we ask that you provide the
following information below as it pertains to your support of our project:

       Name of Sponsor _________________________________________________________________

       Sponsor Address _______________________________City ______________St ____ Zip __________

       E-Mail Address: ______________________________Facebook Address________________________

       Sponsored Player or Team Name __________________________________________________

       Amount of Sponsorship: 

Corporate League Sponsorship       $5000.00                                    ____________
            National Team Sponsorship             $2500.00                                    ____________ 
            State Team Sponsorship                   $1500.00                                    ____________                

Player Fee/Hotel Sponsorship          $ 800.00                                     ____________ 
            Pro Sponsorship                                 $700.00                                      ____________

                        Warrior Sponsor                                $500.00                                      ____________

Team Sponsor                          $250.00                                       ____________
    Game Sponsor $ 100.00      _____________
    Inning Sponsor                                  $   50.00                                      _____________
    Ball Sponsor                                      $   25.00                                      _____________

Send Sponsorship Form and Fee to:

The WBL, 133 Briarcliff Lane, Danville, Virginia, 24541
Make Check Payable to: The WBL 

via PAY PAL to: gmvmarlins@yahoo.com 

For Additional Information, Please phone or text  Frank Fulton (434) 489 4544

"Thank You For Supporting US"



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