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Robert Wegielnik

Robert Wegielnik                                    Birthdate: 09/06/2000 Class of 2018
       NCAA Clearinghouse ID 1508250265

WBL Report: Throwing 87 at age 16 with consistency and accuracy.

Robert Wegielnik is a bundle of energy!! He plays baseball as a passionate profession and yet he is well versed in academic disciplines.  His thirst for knowledge and positive energy opens the doors of friendship to all types of individuals around the world. He is a well traveled, respectful life warrior. He will graduate with Honors and Collegiate Associate Degree Equivalence.  

 Robert is a good baseball athlete who is  growing on a positive competitive path. He is strong, agile, and versatile. He has a good understanding of the game and works very hard to improve his levels of play. Versatile and quick hands/power at plate.

Personal Information

Address: 8920 Paseo De Valencia St,  Ft. Myers, Florida, USA , 33908

Telephone  (239) 233 7551 Email: Challapallione@yahoo.com   rwegielnik@yahoo.com  Facebook Twitter

Academic Information
NCAA Clearinghouse ID: 1508250265

School: Cyprus Lakes HS GPA 4.0 Class Rank Top 10 % SAT  1070 ACT NA TOFUL NA

Course Load Taken English 9/10/11/12    Math 9/10/11/12     Science 9/10/11/12         History 9/10/11/12

 Languages Spoken English, Polish

Athletic Information
Positions RHP, SS Height 5'10 Weight 165 Throwing Speed 87
Pitching Report Throws strikes and attacks the batter. Hits 87, stays at 85/86, great breaking pitch at 72
Fields his position and knows how to control game

Video Updates:       10/16SWFL1 10/16SWFL2 10/16ITC1 10/16ITC2
11/16USA1 11/16USA2 11/16ITC2 11/16ITC2             

Shortstop Report Has range, adequate arm from the hole and attacks the ball, quick hands 

Video Updates: 10/16SWFL1 10/16SWFL2
11/16USAF1 11/16USAF2

Running Speed
100 M NA 60 yd Dash 7.2 40 yd Dash NA 30 yd Dash (Home to first)  NA

Bat Power/Quickness/Approach:

Report B Right Handed Hitter:  Robert has power and quickness at the plate.  His vision is perfect and he has an aggressive approach. He has great flexibility and the ability to adjust.  He needs more competitive AB's, needs to stay behind the ball more upon contact, and continue to work on keeping the front shoulder on the ball.

Video Updates: 10/16SWFH1 10/16SWFLH2 10/16ITCH1 10/16ITCH2
11/16USA1 11/16USAH2 11/16ITCH1 11/16ITCH2

Report A+: Robert is very flexible and strong.  Very durable, strong and is constantly in motion. He has good , quick, happy feet, quick hands, and great lateral movement.  

Character Information
Report: A Sponge for Life and a Dedicated!! Robert is "coach-able", determined, demanding, appreciative, and loves to be engaged on and off the field.  He loves to play, be a part of team, and expects the best out of all he meets.  He is a great teammate and yet he will be your best warrior when the mission is placed in his hands.    

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