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(Jose Sanchez) Collegiate Player-Berlin Sluggers/Milligan College:
"The perfect mix out of heart, dedication, and the "right" basics of the game that we all play and love is brought together in this team, not only by the coaches, but by the players themselves, that want to be part of the bigger process called the VMarlins."

(Matt Hamm) Wake Forest University:
"The VMarlins program is one of the greatest programs that I have ever enrolled in; it teaches players of all ages the skills needed to succeed not only in baseball but in life as well.'

(Chris Scott) Virginia Tech:

Playing with Mr. Fulton and the VMarlins is the best decision I have made for baseball playing.  I have learned to respect the game and work my butt off till I perfect my game.  This is an amazing opportunity to further your game if you are serious.

(Mrs. Catrin Schmidt-Sanchez) A Parent from Berlin, Germany:
"Frank Fultons Programm mit den VMarlins ist eine exzellente Chance, jungen Baseballspielern den Weg in das amerikanische Baseballsystem zu ermöglichen, vor allem auf College-Level. Nach unserer Erfahrung zählt speziell im Baseball der persönliche Eindruck, den sich die Trainer von einem Spieler machen. Statistiken, Empfehlungen, Papiere aller Art, auch Fotos und Videos sind als Ergänzung sicher hilfreich, aber nicht entscheidend. Wichtig ist, dass Leistungs- und Arbeitswille, sportliches Können und gute Vorbereitung von Seiten des Spielers in den USA mit den richtigen Leuten persönlich zusammengebracht werden - für diese Aufgabe ist Frank Fulton mit seinen VMarlins hervorragend aufgestellt."

Frank Fulton's program with the VMarlins offers young baseball players an excellent chance to access the American Baseball system, especially at college level.  Our experience is, that what counts for the coaches is their personal impression of each player.  Stats, assessments, papers, pics and videos may be helpful, but only as a supplement.  these things are not decisive. It is important to put a well prepared athlete with good work ethics and talent in personal contact with the right people in College Baseball - Frank Fulton and his VMarlins are more than up to this task.

(Mr. Jay Joyce) US Air Force, whose son Terrell Joyce was drafted and signed by Houston Astros in 2013:
"Working with Frank in the VMarlins program, it's easy to see why he has had so much success.  He creates a great setting for students to learn the game, adapting well to the appropriate level of each individual in attendance.  Frank's teaching brought out the next level in my son's game, from beginners to the very accomplished veterans of the game."

(Ms. Martina Hayo) A Parent from Koln, Germany:
The First International VMarlins Baseball Camp 2012 in Cologne was an exciting and motivating experience for my baseball playing daughter.  Every young boy or girl playing baseball should be part of this great worldwide movement which makes them better players and open-minded people."
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