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The Code

The WBL Code

Members of the World Baseball League are to be positive life warriors both on and off the field.  The definition of a WBL Warrior is, “A warrior sees life as an opportunity.  The ordinary sees life as a blessing or a curse.” Therefore, A WBL Warrior finds the positive opportunities in all aspects of life.  He does not look for others to do for him or makes excuses for personal, team, or organizational shortcomings. He makes the most out of all he has and encourages others to do the same.

Spiritual Protocol              The WBL Warrior is One with the Universe and with the Creator. He respects the different paths of others that lead to Spiritual Oneness.

Social Protocol                  The WBL Warrior respects himself and those to whom he encounters.  The warrior is quick to engage in joyous respectful activity, slow to judge the actions of others, and quick to bring harmony to volatile situations.

 Academic Protocol          The WBL Warrior is well versed in many academic disciplines so that applicability of knowledge is  
        efficient and effective for the betterment of his community.

 Baseball Protocol            The WBL Warrior plays the game with respect and joy for each moment of participation.  He reacts to the
      challenges with his best physical and mental effort, he encourages his teammates to be their best, and                                                    he lives in each moment of play without stress from the past or anxiety about the future.

Play to Win Protocol         Winning comes in many forms and the scoreboard is only one.  Personal victory is found in every minute of positive participation.  Positive focused participation provides the best pathways to scoreboard victories.

Personal Accountability   The WBL Warrior is responsible for his actions, his equipment, his position on the field, his team welfare, and the character of his organization.  Therefore;

  1. He will maintain and service his own equipment
  2. He will maintain a positive approach to play and practice
  3. He will keep negative comments out of his vocabulary
  4. He will confront coaches and players with personal issues at the appropriate time
  5. He will enjoy the fight of competition and refrain from negative engagements of superiority or inferiority
  6. He will respect the differences of others and opinions of others while maintaining his own integrity
  7. He will respect the directives of the coaches during games, practices, and team functions
  8. He will maintain proper team/family relationships before, during, and after games. (The Field is a classroom for education and discovery.  Students/players and Coaches/teachers must maintain an autonomous relationship without parental/agent/advisor involvement during the course of games/testing. Individual conferences on development between coaches/players/guardians are mandatory for each warrior.)
  9. When in public dining out players will remove coverings from the head as they enter dining establishment.  This is a sign of respect for those who are about to serve the family of warriors.
  10. When addressing members of the opposite sex or members of a mature community players and coaches will speak with respect and direct eye contact.
  11. When visiting different communities players and coaches will show interest in the signature culture, edifice, and activity of the populous and learn from their culture in an effort to gain a broader understanding of the community of man.
  12. When playing at a single game or multiple game-sites each player will remain in the dugout until all trash is cleaned and placed in proper trash container.
  13.  All players will assist with transport of equipment and will not leave one player in dugout with sole responsibility to pick up after the team.
  14. When at a game players will refrain from communication with family and friends until game is completed.  All drinks, snacks, vitamins, medicine must be with player prior to game. Medical emergencies and special circumstances will naturally take precedence over this protocol.

Training               The fundamentals of the game are the great secrets between most victories and defeats within a day of play.  Know how to be more efficient and effective than your competitor and you will seize most days. Every part of the WBL training has a direct component to game success.

  1. Stretch total body via light running and total body movement            (Jog, basketball, soccer, football)
  2. Agility, steal second, walking lead at third                                              (The Drills of the Bolt)
  3. The “Bob Bralley Box Progression” for all throwing                              (All grips for all pitches)
  4. Glide and Bibby’s Box with Power-V                                                       (Glide step and Elevate Elbow)
  5. Bobby’s One handed grounders to Morgan’s range finders               (Ankle, Power, Pull)
  6. Ozzie Smith Drill                                                                                           (Crane the fore and Backhand)
  7. Frank’s Fungo                                                                                               (Efficient/Effective power transfer)
  8. 4-5, 3-4, 2-2 BP                                                                                             (Front shoulder on inside top Quarter of ball)
  9. Red Sox Double Play footwork                                                                  (Left foot on bag at second; to ball at short)
  10. Billy’s Hot Potato                                                                                          (Happy feet, throw darts, follow throw)
  11. Big Frank’s Pepper                                                                                      (Hit from Pivot and use wrist to place ball)
  12. Jim’s Bunt, Bunt and Run                                                                           (1,2, Present at a 45 Degree)
  13. Big Jon’s 2x5 Power Training                                                                    (Deadlift[Pistol], baseball bench, Lats, Pull-ups)
  14. Big Jon’s 4x60 Speed Training                                                                 (Sprint, Rest-ATP, Sprint, Rest-ATP)
  15. Mental Approaches
    1. Attack Ball                                                   Always be on balls of feet attacking and reacting
    2. Inner Clock                                                 3 seconds to catch and throw a runner out
    3. Zone Hitting                                               Know your zone and attack anything anytime anywhere
    4. Visualize before you realize                   See the future of the play before you put it into motion
    5. Rockets and smoke                                 Fastballs, fastballs, fastballs then a little change of speed
    6. 20 Second Rule                                         Champions makes mistakes and get over it in less than 20 sec
    7. Play like a 12 Year Old                             Love moving, competing, and the challenge of the day.
    8. Stay away from Ferrell’s “Hoop-da-La

Game Time

  1. Pre-Game Activities with press, family, ladies, friends are to be made prior to entering the classroom
  2. Secure Dugout with all equipment in location that does not impede the flow of team traffic
  3. Full game dress before walking on field
  4. Warm-up in outfield with entire team (Warm-up run, 8 second stretches, agilities and 60s)
  5. Bralley Progression, Ankle-Power-Pull, short long-tosses
  6. Cage Fungo/Cage BP/Field BP/Pepper/Shag
  7. In/out
  8. Pitchers to the Bull Pen (VERY, VERY Important note: Starter is not to throw hard until the umpires appear for pre-game.  Never ever warm up with the possibility of umpire late arrival. Coaches will stall until ready!!)
  9. Pre-Game Ceremonies require removal of hat and respect for flag or announcer
  10. Starters run on and off field
  11. Bench pay attention to game with comments and focus on team members
  12. Team finds ways to uplift and enjoy team actions with congratulatory actions for positive plays outcomes or encourage combatants when efforts are thwarted by the opponents
  13. On fly balls into the dugout the bench members must come up and protect defender from both teams
  14. On deck batters retrieve foul balls if there is no bat boy/girl
  15. On deck batter must help baserunner score with appropriate approach to home plate from third base
  16. In the event of a player dispute on the field, ALL Team Members will come and protect his comrade and find peaceful resolution in numbers whenever possible.  But never let a man stand alone!!
  17. Fan jockeying, player jockeying, coach jockeying, and rabbit ears will not be tolerated by players.  This is the quickest way to find a train ticket home. The Head Coach is the only one who will step out and put a stop to disrespectful behavior towards the game or team.  If Coach goes down…then team can unleash the fury!
  18. After games, WBL Warriors will extend handshakes of sportsmanship to the opponents followed by team meeting in the outfield to review and debrief.
  19. No Warrior leaves field until the dugout and equipment is secure
  20. Press interviews, scout meetings, family discussions are all welcomed after team is cleared from the field
  21. Team travel to post game meals will follow after all recording of information is made within appropriate channels.
  22. Game will be over and a new day will be waiting for participation. Thankfulness for the day will be the goal for each warrior and will be the memory left with all who come in contact with the team members.


Clean Sharp Play

  1. The use of smokeless tobacco is always a concern.  Bubble gum, straw, wax, clover, grass, chew…. They are items that ball players have used over the ages to stay relaxed or concentrated during a game.  The WBL does not condone or condemn, however, the WBL does require that respectful use of personal products be maintained at all times.
  2.  Uniforms are to always be worn with pride and honor.  Shirts always tucked, pant legs always team specific, appropriate hat, undershirt, and sock coordination adhered to.  This is just being a part of a team and individuality is best served by the actions of the player and the character of the player not by the dress of the player.
  3. The word “Hustle” is a powerful word.  To hustle on and off a field brings power to a player’s perception with regards to his attitude, character, and “coach-ability”. It is the one secret tool that all scouts/coaches love.
  4. Be a player who is appreciative and honored to play.  Never considered that you are entitled to be on the field. Just remember this: “When you are Green-You grow.  When you are Ripe-You Rot!!” “Stokely Fulton, 1984”.                                                        

WBL Warriors  In-Out ( 8 minute Protocol)

-All Groundballs to Outfield (Left/Center/Right to Second, Second to Third, Third to Catcher

-All Groundballs to outfield (left/Center/Right to Third via Shortstop as the cut-off

-All Grounders to outfield (Left/Center/Right to Home via proper Relay [LF-3B, C/RF-1B])

-Quick Hot Potato (Infield in on infield grass C-3b-2b-ss-1b and back to C then repeat)

-Infield in and field grounder to Home

-Infield in and field grounder to First (First baseman makes throw-out at home plate)

-Infield back and field grounder to First then go around the horn:

*3B-1b-c-3b-2b-1b-c (This creates long double play 5-4-3)

*SS-1b-c-ss-1b-c (This creates double play 2-6-3)

*2B-1b-c-2b-1b-c (This creates double play 2-4-3)

*1B-c-1b-ss-3b-c (This creates double play 3-6-5)

*C-1b-ss-3b-c (This creates backwards triple play2-3-6-5!!!)

-Infield on grass and slow roller to First with First base fielding slow roller to home

-Pop up to Catcher

-Team to Outfield for Pre-Game meeting and line-up call out

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