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     The Global Placement Service (The NET)
            Network for Student-Athletes of Character and Positive Vision


Student-Athletes and their families face many challenges in moving forward from High school to college and beyond.
The NET is designed to provide efficient and effective networking between student-athlete and future opportunities 
in sports, school, and international exchange.  GPS will do the following:

A) Evaluate and develop each student-athlete
B) Provide student-athlete with programs that provide academic and athletic synergy
C) Cultivate personal relationships between future programs and the student-athlete
D) Create progressive battle-plans for collegiate and professional participation
  E) Eliminates the red-tap of networking student-athletes into appropriate collegiate programs.  

The Net also works with families to find opportunities outside the baseball community
 with regards to international scholastic and collegiate placement.

Finally, if cultural experience for a short period is the best option for a world traveler then the Net can work for you.  
Find locations, personal contacts, great hotels, good flights and dynamic itineraries.  We have a number of great
host moms and dads around the world that can welcome you and embrace you as you explore.
 Call anytime and send
us your wish list.  We will be more than happy to find the next level of adventure and personal development. 434-4894544
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