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The Sword

The Power Sword 
YES! IT IS TRUE; A hitting tool that "NATURALLY " 
develops Hand-Eye Coordination, Power in the Swing, Quick Hands, 
Ball Exit Velocity, & Efficient/Effective Hitting Mechanics.

"I have been waiting for this tool for a long time!" 
Irving Bounds, Head Coach, Victor Valley College

"We Believe in hitting with Power and we have ALL our Players use the Power Sword"
 Buddy Foster, Head Coach, Prince George Community College

"We Love It and will show it all over the State of Florida"
Ben Bizier, Head Coach, Florida SW State College

"Great training tool. Hit ball harder and further, and improve hand eye coordination" 
Jordan Basile, Head Coach, Patrick Henry Community College

"The Sword helps develop hand strength, forearm strength, which transfers into better bat speed. 
Also helps with your bat path direction to the baseball so you don't lose the barrel too soon. It  helps 
with getting better connected through out the whole body so that you have the right chain of events
 that need to happen in a swing to get the max power out of your body."  
Jon Nunnally, Former Pro Player & Coach for Mariners, Royals, Indians, Angels


Made of STEEL & crafted with years of researched, engineered effectiveness. 

The Hall of Famers & the pros of today learned how to stay behind the ball & drive it by developing quick powerful hands. 
 There is no other product on the planet that does what the Power Sword does in just two or three sessions of use. 

 We guarantee that a batter will improve their bat speed, their ability to connect & drive the ball after 
using the power sword & after following the hitting protocols of the Power Sword Manual.

The Power Swords cost $125.00.
Call/Text Coach Frank Fulton Directly at (434) 489-4544

They come in Standard Black or Multiple Colors with Lizard Skin Grips.
Purchase Online at: www.mysopho.com 

Special ordered colors are available upon request for an additional $15.00 Painting Fee.
Shipping and Handling within the USA is a Standard Price of $25.00
Three Models

Professional/Collegiate   33"/96 ounces swings like a 33 ounce 33 inch wood  (FF Space Age Technology)
JUCO/High School  33"/58 ounces swings like a 31 ounce/ 33 inch wood (FF Space Age Technology)
World Series Youth  24" 24 ounces swings like a 18 ounce/24 inch wood (FF Space Age Technology)

Call Directly at 434 489 4544, or send email to gmvmarlins@yahoo.com   
We will take your CC/PayPal and Ship Out the day you order....While they last!!
Look at these videos below and see for yourself!

Personal Endorsements for your Review are Coming!!

Professional    Collegiate    Scholastic    Youth 

Proof is ALWAYS in the Pudding


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