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The Virtual Collegiate 

Press Release 10/19/18:

There is a group of  Warriors who play softball with professional leadership, professional skill development, academic savvy, positive spirit, and direct, personal hands-on collegiate networking for high school, junior college, and international student-athletes.

The VCSDL is the "Marines of Softball Program."

"We provide young athletes of amateur and international status the opportunity to experience collegiate softball in its raw form. We challenge the players on and off the field like a Drill Sargent in the Marines with expectations of greatness for each player." Coach Frank Fulton. "The greatest character building programs in the USA are minor league professional baseball programs or the Marines Bootcamps of LeJuene! Young men/women learn how to become personally accountable, face their fears, build their confidence, learn their inner strengths, and develop their weaknesses to be immediately successful for their team or unit and eventually successful for their families and communities in the future."   

Fulton states, "To improve and become better one must invest time, energy, and resources. Work, Sweat, Tears can become Joys, Smiles, and Confidence. Our Motto is globally simple; AIO-Adjust, Improvise, Overcome!  When Our warriors learn how to AIO then we send them out into the world to achieve."  

So how do they do it?  The VMarlins program finds players who have the passion and commitment to develop. Regardless of skill set or background the acceptance into the VMarlins program is based on this premise; if a player wants to learn, work, and compete then the VMarlins take them into the system of baseball protocols for warriors.  They evaluate each player,  provide a prescription for his development, then go out and take them to play competition anywhere and anytime. Coach Fulton commented, "Anybody can be a Dummy All-American in the batting cage or in the bullpen.  What defines a REAL Warrior is how she fights in the DAYLY GRIND."  

So what about this virtual League? What does that mean? The VCBDL teaches players how to do battle at anytime and against anybody, anywhere.  If a warrior wants to play on the field in college and not to sit on the bench, then a warrior needs to know how to win for his team regardless of the elements.  She must be able to work well with others, change her routine to match changing schedules, and must be able to face all types of skilled opponents.  The VCBDL goes anywhere to play against anybody within a 24 hour notice. The schedules are within a timeframe of participation and are always changing based on the opportunities available.  If they do not play an opponent then they scrimmage or practice.  This is the same lifestyle found in college for those who enter. Finally, There is no recording of statistics, or keeping up with records.  Players must learn how to battle moment to moment in order to transpose this mental skill set to future collegiate opportunities. 

Softball and Baseball is a true grind for the Boxers of the World. Edsel Martz of Northern Virginia was the inspiration for the methodologies of Coach Fulton's VCBDL and the VCSDL.  When I was 16, I went to Northern Virginia and played with college athletes everyday, rain, shine, good fields, bad fields, hot, cold, 9 teammates, 20 teammates.  We learned how to fight at the plate and on the mound.  We used broken bats, old uniforms and we went after it.  Players from all over the country came to experience this.  Many left quickly but those who stayed and fought through it remember how it made them better men.  So today, in the year of glitz, money, and global media coverage we continue to push forward and represent Coach Martz, and all the Baseball Marines of former days who learned how to turn swords into baseball plowshares.

And how does the VMarlins network their players to college coaches and international clubs?  "Recruiting is so simple.  If you can play and you have the checkmarks required by the next level coaches then opportunities are endless.  Developing these checkmarks, sharing these checkmarks naturally, and developing personal references to Head Coaches has never changed in the process.  How to obtain these checkmarks is the secret to success.  No showcase, or travel team has ever signed a player nor has any recruiting service or agent  provided a legal contract to a player. THE PLAYER and THE COACH's INSTITUTION can only do this.  The VMarlins create this one-on-one opportunities for players/families when the player masters the required checkmarks.  

A Scouting and Recruiting Secret!!  It only takes a 25 second phone call and a 15 second texted video clip to network a player.  Then the REAL Recruiting game is on. 

1) Real Collegiate Opportunities are defined by: Personal visits to colleges via camps/ team tours for colleges, written signed agreements between the institution and the student/athlete or deposited and accepted registration to attend school and tryout for the team.  All "Early commitments"  are non-binding guarantees that are used for marketing purposes by coaches, parents, and travel organizations.

2) Real International Opportunities are defined for those who have passports, who have International contracts with paid flight tickets for players who finish USA Competition and have been referred to clubs by creditable baseball coaches within the USA. 

3) Everything else is marketing madness by amateur parents, event promotors, tournament directors, and facility owners to obtain revenue for participation or to provide wholesome activity for families to travel, visit, build relationships, and explore new surroundings. 

"The quicker a player and his family realizes the landscape of all softball participation the quicker they will have a clearer path for positive participation."

"It has been my honor to provide all these opportunities over the years as a true international professional coach and developer.  It is always a joy to find those who get it, love it,  and just want to play another day in the sun!!" FF

Finally, there has to be something said about the mentor himself.  Coach Fulton has played, scouted, and coached in the USA, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Israel, for over 55 years.  He has placed VMarlins into the MLB, colleges, and international clubs.  He has developed all ages, both genders, and worked with players who come to him from Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and Japan. He is current with the modern methods and he knows the secrets of the Ancients.  His passion for learning has landed him with economic and educational Bachelor of Arts and Master Degrees from Hampden-Sydney College and Longwood University.  He has scouted for the Florida Marlins the Pittsburgh Pirates, and served as the National Head Coach for the German Baseball Federation. He has also served as the Director of Business Development for Perfect Game USA and the Commissioner of the World Baseball League. Frank is a married family man with six children and five grand children.  

"Coach brings it all to the table and wears his heart on his sleeve.(EE) Endless enthusiasm, always comes with FF and his VMarlins."

The VMarlins charge a seasonal
Player's Fee of $850.00. They teach the secrets of the game, they work each individual to master his style of the game, and they provide Unlimited Games, Unlimited Training, and Global Networking.

The VMarlins are all over the Planet, they are on call or working 24/7, and they go after it 365 days a year.  Flexibility, Adaptability, Enthusiastic Work Ethic, and Passion for  Each Individual is waiting for all who commit to being a VMarlins Warrior in the VCBDL. Just call or text 4344894544.  Coach Fulton will find time for you!!


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