V Marlins
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                     "Global Sounds of Passion" 

 "Our Global All-Stars  of Musicians, Singers, & Orators Bring First Class Entertainment to the Appreciative Ear, Heart, Mind, and Soul!"

     Order a Date with us:  Future VMMusic.com/Bookings 

Our Roster of Players

    Ron Devon:        "The Show & Go Tours"

The Six Boobs:   "The Sweet Nothings Tours" 
             www.sixbs.com                       "Santa Baby"
Scott Sechman:  "Have Guitar, Will Travel Tours"
              "Bang, Bang"  

Kevin Br:            "Carolina Only-Man Stand Tour"
         www.byoubyou.com                  "Be-too-Be"   "U2mE"

Frankie Fresh:   "The ADYou and HDMe Tours"
        www.fsquared.com                  "Running Rapid like a Rabbied Rabbit"  "Funky BallGame"

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