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WBL Global Traders

The WBL Global Traders Catalog

To be on the WBList you must play in the WBL, serve in the WBL, or be a global member.  The WBList is a protected international list know only to the WBL and its business associates.  (JOIN TODAY)  and share in the savings via our Global Trading!

Protocol of Global Trading: WBL member selects products and places order as a member of the WBL.  The associate business checks his WBList, confirms the price, and completes the transaction.  It is that simple! Efficient, Effective, and No one left on base!!

Category Company WBLine WBL Price WBL Transaction Notes

Wood Bats Old Hickory (TBA) $65 All Maple/$55 All Ash

Wood Bats East Coast (TBA) $45 All Maple/$35 All Ash
Wood Bats Phoenix (631) 366 2900 $65 All Maple/$55 All Ash

Flex Fit Hat Custom (TBA0 $18 All sizes (Richardson)
Embrodery $18 All sizes (New Era)
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